three metamorphoses

cw: death and rebirth, self-cannibalism, body horror

note: this poem is meant to be engaged with in the nonlinear style presented. however, if you require a linear layout, it can be accessed here.

bursting from
our chest, a wolf
we'll slip our nails
'neath our skin
we lay so still
upon the bed
shimmering, with
eyes all over
and push it off
us from within
our skin is pale,
dry, and dead
we'll wiggle on
the rug a bit
and off our skin
will come in sheets
our breathing quiet,
heartbeat slow
take joy in
wild form
which we will then
proceed to eat
from deep within
a blue-green glow
with feral mind
we, overwhelmed,
sinew will be
next to go
and pressure builds
beneath our skin
nose our body
on the floor
we'll eat our muscles
off the bones
and out bursts
swarming bright legion
not a trace
of recognition
we'll eat our fat
and drink our blood
a spider mob, moths,
crows and void
simply meat
upon the floor
we'll eat our stomach,
heart, and lungs
thirteen dogs,
a plural voice
take first bite
of jail left
and when we ghostly
white bones meet
we, our children,
flee our form
and hurry more
like fearful dogs
we'll gnaw at them
between our teeth
it sits alone
upon the floor
growl and snort
and crunch and pant
we'll eat the splinters,
sharp and narrow
and sprawling fungus
slips white threads
anxious to see
it all gone
swallow every
bit of marrow
throughout this prison
we have fled
and when our
skeleton's consumed
and when our
skeleton's consumed
and when our
skeleton's consumed
we'll howl and run
into the woods
we'll eat our teeth
and our skull too
we'll go to where
the fungus bloomed
a feral little
creature free
nothing will be
left to see
with endless forms
most beautiful and free
of sweltering,
awkward fleshy cage
a spirit,
eaten herself free
we'll flutter midst
the mushroom's progeny